Medline Indsutries Anti-Embolism Knee Length

May 2017 Elijah User Reviews

Total Score: 5.7

Quality Score: 5

Warranty Score: 7

Value Score: 7

Price at the time of review was $14.99. This is an average Medline product. Acceptable quality.

Pressure is greatest at the ankle as well as gradually reduces throughout the length of the leg. Medium.

Anti-embolism. Good value. Medline emsĀ® anti-embolism stockings, knee length, medium, regular. Stockings are constructed of 85 percent nylon as well as 15 percent spandex and are available in knee- and thigh-length to meet specific patient needs.

Knee-hi. 12 pair/box. Users thought it was alright. Stocking. Calf circumference: 12" - 15" leg length: up to 17" designed by leading vascular specialists, medline's ems anti-embolism stockings produce a tailored, contoured fit with just the right amount of gradient pressure.

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Additional Product Information

Sale Price: $14.99


Manufacturer: Medline Industries

Brand: Medline

Part Number: 160544P

Product Type: Personal Care Appliance

Product Group: BISS


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