Anti-Embolism Stockings - Thigh-Length

July 2017 Mason User Reviews

Total Score: 6.7

Quality Score: 6

Warranty Score: 6

Value Score: 8

Price at the time of review was $10.99. This is a really marvelous Medline product. It's worth considering.

Anti-embolism stockings give the right support in all the right places. Constructed of 85% nylon as well as 15% spandex with an open-knit weave. Stockings are available in a full range of sizes in both knee length and thigh length to meet the needs of most patients.

Category tree: anti-embolism stockings > anti-embolism stockings > > >. Mds160740p. Thigh-length medium-short. Three measuring tapes are additional in each and every box to help gauge which size is right.

Spandex guarantees remarkable counter pressure for the life of the stocking. Greatest pressure at the ankle as well as gradually decreasing over the length of the complete leg. Six pairs. Great quality. Available in natural flesh color to enhance skin tones. These stockings produce a tailored, contour fit in just the right amount of gradient pressure. Won't wear thin or lose support. Designed especially for Medline by the leading vascular specialists. Many users thought: "Quality at a good price.

Works well. " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

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Sale Price: $10.99



Brand: Medline

Part Number: MDS160740P

Package Quantity: 1

Product Type: Health Personal Care

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